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Canada re-elects Harper – Welcome to “Bizarro World”…

It’s been a strange, awkward, sinking feeling being a Canadian these past several years. While it’s no news that as Canadians we have long struggled to understand our own national identity as a rule (that, in itself, being a defining … Continue reading

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The “Comment Thread”, or Gutenberg’s Revenge…

I’m posting this sample article, almost at random, as a wonderfully perfect case of the incessant formulaic insanity caused by the complexity of how we communicate today. Moreso than this (or any) article itself, the comment thread associated with it … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper attempts to subvert John Lennon’s “Imagine”…

I thought long and hard before throwing this in here. I don’t think many of us in Canada haven’t seen it yet, but it does boggle the mind and is definitely of the ‘fuminous’ realm. It’s not so much that … Continue reading

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“Too real is too creepy”…

That just about sums it up, doeesn’t it? Isn’t it exciting that as we inch toward total dis-humanity we are grossing ourselves out with it too? Poor Disney then, and the producers of the new smash hit Mars Needs Moms. … Continue reading

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Imelda May – Smoker’s Song

If you don’t already know about Imelda May, well…you’re only half-alive, my friend. There’s a lot of reason’s to fall in love with this woman; none better than this: Imelda May – Smoker\’s Song

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As Canada’s Government “falls”…

I watched ecstatically last week when Stephen Harper’s (and my own) Government fell on a historical first ever Non-Confidence vote in Parliament. Having been stuck in the insidious, creeping Neo-Con ooze of Harper’s “policy” and authoritarian actions for five long … Continue reading

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“Winning”….Live format…

So let’s start with something fun and easy. As someone who never gave a spare thought to Charlie Sheen before his shit hit the big fan weeks ago, I have to say I am 1000% behind his every action since … Continue reading

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