The “Comment Thread”, or Gutenberg’s Revenge…

I’m posting this sample article, almost at random, as a wonderfully perfect case of the incessant formulaic insanity caused by the complexity of how we communicate today. Moreso than this (or any) article itself, the comment thread associated with it informs us more fully as to where we’ve arrived at in terms of sophistication of thought. It hits the FUMINOUS┬ámark perfectly on all three “buttons” as well (fulminous, furious and numinous).

The “comment thread” has been with us for some time now as a wonderfully [sic!] interactive means of joining the ‘delivery’ and ‘consumption’ ends of electronic communication, most likely in the hope that mankind would benefit from this in some brave new way. Ah, the best laid plans…

If the 20th Century taught us that “everyone deserves a voice” (at least in principle, and in Western culture specifically), the 21st Century has shown us that we do in fact all have a voice, and that we will damn well use it regardless of having anything to say of any value!

Personally, I find it hard enough to read about how some textbook idiot cops thought it could ever be appropriate to taser an 11 year old of any variety, without also having to digest (‘cuz it’s right there in front of you) just exactly how many of my neighbours support that lunacy, or think so little of humanity (themselves?) as to imagine entirely unreported aspects of the story only to justify the maladjusted viewpoint they wish to proffer! (Read the comments – it’s all there!)

more soon…[This post is half-written, tragically, having been rudely interrupted by the death of my beloved iMac and ensuing dental trauma…“please continue to hold”…]

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