“Winning”….Live format…

So let’s start with something fun and easy.

As someone who never gave a spare thought to Charlie Sheen before his shit hit the big fan weeks ago, I have to say I am 1000% behind his every action since that occurence, and amused to genuine laughter watching the world freak out about it in perfect sub-genius array.

In a country where the pursuit of ‘personal freedom’ is such an obvious cornerstone of every socio-political viewpoint, it never ceases to amaze me that any true expression thereof is met with nothing more than brusque Cro-Magnon derision and a grievous lack of understanding.

Charlie’s sold out tour is getting exactly the reviews one would expect – if one were actually paying attention – and the joke continues to be on the mindless masses of culture-starved ‘bots who need to be shocked and disgusted regularly to remind themselves that they’re even awake.

Charlie is ‘grind-railing’ the line where genius meets insanity, and for that he has my full respect…as an entertainer or otherwise.


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